Eating Healthy at the Minnesota State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together has been an end-of-summer hallmark for Minnesotans and Midwesterners for over 150 years. The Minnesota State Fair is 12 days of fun, entertainment, activity, and (most notably) food. However, fun at the MN State Fair doesn't have to focus on eating everything in sight. Other fun activities at the fair include:

  • Daily Parade
  • Grandstand Shows
  • Agricultural and animal exhibits
  • Rides in the Midway
  • Free shows on various stages across the fairgrounds
  • Free or low-cost health screenings and information at the Crossroads Building at Cooper Street and Dan Patch Ave.

If you do indulge in some Minnesota State Fair food, consider splitting a serving with a friend or walking an extra loop through the fairgrounds before heading home. Also, be sure to stay well hydrated - the Minnesota State Fair is notoriously hot! Bring a few Medifast Flavor Infusers to up the flavor.

We've created this handy map of Minnesota State Fair healthy food choices to help you find the healthier options of fair foods. Look around, see what sounds tasty, and enjoy!

The Blue Ribbon Bargain Book is full of coupons and discounts for all kinds of MN State Fair activities. Book purchased during the fair support the mission of the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.

Food Options at a Glance

    • Ball Park Café -
    • Bayou Bob's -
    • Café Caribe -
    • Carousel BBQ -
    • Chan's Chicken on a Stick -
    • Charcoal Hut -
    • Chicago Dogs -
    • Chinatown Minnesota -
    • Cloud Forest Coffee -
    • Coasters -
    • Corn Roast -
    • Dairy Goodness Bar -
    • Demetri's Greek Food -
    • Fish and Chips Seafood Shoppes -
    • Giggles' Campfire Grill -
    • Holy Land -
    • Juanita's Fajitas -
    • Josef's Jerky -
    • Lamb Shoppe -
    • Lemonade and Shrimp Cocktails -
    • Mickey's Grill -
    • Minnekabob -
    • Pork Chops and Chicken -
    • Produce Exchange -
    • St. Martin's Olives -
    • West Indies Soul Food -

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